DIY Homeleave and Passport Renewal for Domestic Helper (Philippines)

Do you want to save money on agent fees and process the homeleave paperwork yourself?

My domestic helper is going back to Philippines for her homeleave after her 2-years contract. Without much deliberation, we continue her contract. By MOM law, employers must release their domestic helper for homeleave. Knowing that the maid agency will charge a good $300-400+ for home leave application, I decided to Do-It-Myself.

Steps in Applying Homeleave:

Note: This only applies to worker who has served continuously for at least 2 years with the same employer. But, if less than 2 years, the processing will be through an accredited Singapore employment agency.

1. Book a return tickets air flight for your domestic helper.

2. MOM will send a Work Permit Renewal Letter before your domestic helper’s work permit expires.

3. After receiving the letter, purchase a Foreign Maid Insurance (I’m using NTUC here). On top of insurance, you will have to purchase a $7000 performance bond which is required by the Philippines Embassy. Have the renewal letter by your side as NTUC requires you to enter a VIN number indicated on the letter.

4. Approximately 1 week later, you will receive both insurance policy and performance bond letter. NTUC will submit the insurance to MOM as well.

5. NTUC provides work permit renewal service at a fee. To save money, you can log into MOM website here using your singpass. On the left sidebar, click on work permit renewal. Submit the necessary documents (PDF scan copy of worker’s passport and renewal letter) and viola. MOM will deliver the new work permit by courier.

Once you have gotten your insurance policy, performance bond and new work permit,

6. Book an appointment with the Philippine Embassy here. On the right sidebar, click on “Book an OEC appointment”. You may need your domestic worker to fill this part. Print out three copies of the appointment letter.

7. Visit the Philippine Embassy website and read the information.

Print out the following forms:

OFW Information Sheet (OEC) 

OWWA Information Sheet

Employment Contract for Household Service Workers (Direct) -Print 2 copies

Pag-IBIG Membership Registration Form (FPF095) -if your maid doesn’t have  one.

Fill and sign all forms. For all Filipino workers, the Philippine government requires the workers to produce a OEC upon leaving Philippines. Without that, your domestic helper may have difficulty coming back to Singapore.

8. On the eve of  appointment day, prepare:

  • Two (2) copies of Standard Employment Contract (Original) – All pages of the contract should be signed by the employer and the worker.
  • Two (2) copies of Undertaking of an Employer (Original)
  • Two (2) copies of Work Permit (plus 1 copy for passport renewal)
  • Two (2) copies of Passport (plus 1 copy for passport renewal)
  • One (1) copy of Employer’s IC
  • Seven Thousand Singapore Dollars (S$7,000.00) Performance Bond from a reputable Insurance Company (Original)
  • One (1) copy of the Ten Thousand Dollar Medical Insurance (MOM)

9. On day of appointment, collect a queue number for OEC at the guard house. Only applicants are allowed to enter the Embassy. I was kept at the security house -_-

10. Firstly, your maid will have to verify her contract at Window 2.Then, she will be asked to present her work permit, passport, OWWA information sheet and contract of employment at Window 3 for OWWA application (Window 3). Lastly, she will need to submit flight itinerary, OWWA and OFW information sheet for OEC and PAG-IBIG application. The whole process can take up to 2 hours as maid agency personnel are “allowed” to cut queue. All payments are made in cash terms.

11. Your domestic helper will receive a second appointment date and time to collect the authenticated contract.

Cost  Incurred:

1. Insurance (NTUC) – $300+

2. Performance Bond (NTUC)  - $71.69

3. Work Permit Renewal (MOM) – $30

Administration Cost to Philippines Embassy

4. Authentication of Contract – $42.50

5. Verification of Contract – $17.00

6. OWWA – $42

7. Oversea Employment Certificate – $3

8. Pag-Ibig – $5.50

9. (Passport renewal) Passport – $102.00

Total damage (without passport renewal): $511.69

Please note that most maid agency will expect you to furnish them with the air tickets, insurance and new work permit. So, practically, you are paying the agency for step 9, 10 and 11 which you can do it yourself for just $110!

Hope you find this information useful and share among your friends.


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